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1873 “Callahan” Cattleman Press Release


1873 “Callahan” Cattleman

ACCOKEEK, MD (January 19, 2010) – Uberti is pleased to introduce the “Callahan”—a six-shooter that, in the hands of a lawman, might have made the mean streets of 1800s Dodge City, Kansas a little “kinder and gentler.” The Callahan is Uberti’s beefed-up version of the 1873 Cattleman that’s chambered in the present-day caliber made famous by San Francisco movie-cop, “Dirty” Harry Callahan—the powerful .44 Magnum.

This distinctive single-action comes with one-piece satin walnut grips, a blued barrel, frame and cylinder and is offered with 4 ¾-, 6- and 7 ½-inch barrels. Two styles of sights are offered with the Callahan, which include either fixed or adjustable rear sights with a standing-post front sight. This new, more powerful chambering offers single-action enthusiasts hunting capabilities as well as being an excellent gun for home defense or competitive target shooting. Uberti is well known for re-creating popular variations of the Colt SAA, considered by many to be the most admired handgun ever designed—and the Callahan is no exception.

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