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The Enduring Legend of the Colt Single Action Revolvers

About Colt Single Action Revolvers


colt single action revolvers


The Colt website has created a catalog of their legendary Colt single action revolvers that have endured since they were first introduced in 1836. Since then, the revolver has always been linked with the Colt name.

“From Sam Colt’s original revolver, to the Walker Colt made famous during the Mexican War, to the 1873 Single Action Army®, to the modern day classic Colt Python®, Colt has defined the standard of excellence that others strive to match.”

 – from About Colt Revolvers

Read more about the Colt single action revolvers and the how they have shaped the old West through famous and infamous men (and women).



> Single Action Army

p1870 colt single action revolver





> New Frontier

colt single action revolver p4750_left








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