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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Colt Peacemaker – The Revolver that Won the West

The Peacemaker was introduced as the Colt Single Action Army® Revolver in 1873. A slew of clones and knock-offs then and today were never able to hold a candle for this legendary name.

p1870 Peacemaker

In the Colt website, the Peacemaker is described as “the gun that won the West,” and rightly so.

…no Colt revolver has earned greater fame than the Single Action Army®, The Peacemaker®. In design and performance, in line and form, no more sculptural and practical Colt has ever been created.

from Colt Single Action Army® Revolver

If you are new to the sport of cowboy action shooting, then it’s worth knowing a bit of history about this famous single-action revolver. Yup, Colt still makes this time-tested and iconic firearm that tamed the west. Head over to the Colt website for the features, specs and pricing of the Peacemaker.

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