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Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting (Video)

Things You Need To Get Started in the Sport

In today’s video, World Cowboy Action Shooting Champion Jim Finch a.k.a. “Long Hunter” talks about getting started in cowboy action shooting sport. If you’re a CAS beginner, these winner-class tips will help you get ahead in your game.


getting started in cowvoy action shooting 2


Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting – the Champion Way

Throughout this video produced by National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), World Champ Long Hunter discusses:

  •  Membership – Joining the Single Action Shooting Society .
  • Costuming –  the very basic clothing you need to wear at the start. While there are rules on CAS attire that you need to conform with, clubs are not that strict on costume when you are just starting out. Over time, you will develop a CAS costume of your liking.
  • Shooting equipment – Cowboy action shooting, as the name implies, is mostly about shooting. As such, you will be needing a pair of single action revolvers, holsters, shell holsters, a lever action rifle, and a shotgun. You will also need a gun cart to carry all your stuff around.
  • Action Matches – Your first CAS match participation, the different match stages, and the process you will follow to enjoy and be proficient in the sport.
  • Safety devices – Equipment such as wrap-around safety glasses and ear plugs provide sight and hearing protection for the shooter.

Jim  Finch also shows some of his own rifles and revolvers, along with their individual features, that he has used in various competition. He also recommend some things that go along with the firearms, as well as safety gears for the shooter.



This video is a treasure  trove of valuable and practical tips from a CAS world champion for both beginners and intermediate level action cowboy shooting aficionados.

If you are just getting started in cowboy action shooting and want to know more, go to How to Get Started in Cowboy Action Shooting to gain additional information on the subject. You can also browse around the CAS Store for attires and accessories that will enhance your cowboy action shooting experience.


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