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The 1876 Centennial Rifle by Uberti


The Model 1876 was introduced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in Philadelphia at the Centennial anniversary commemorating the declaration of independence from British domination. Popular as it was among frontiers men and big-game hunters of the period, production of this model was discontinued on 1898. Good news is Uberti has minted an accurate replica of Winchester’s 1876 Centennial Rifle. Better news is that the Uberti version is stronger and better than the original.




Uberti raftsmen used sturdier materials, stricter specs, and more precise matching in the construction of each Uberti 1876 Centennial Rifle. The 1876 Centennial Rifle is stronger and more accurate when combined with today’s black powder and smokeless ammunition. Get to know more about it at the official Uberti website.

Frontiersmen’s Favorite

The original 1876 used more powerful hunting cartridges than its predecessors, making it more popular with frontiersmen for taking down killer grizzly bears, as well as larger big-game animals that provide food on their table. Faithful to the original, Uberti’s 1876 Centennial Rifle is chambered in powerful knock-down calibers: .50-95, .45-60, and .45-75.



Class A Features

The other high-quality features of the Uberti 1876 Centennial Rifle include:

  • Color case-hardened frame and lever
  • Trigger guard
  • Octagonal barrel
  • 28 inch barrel length
  • Blue buttplate
  • Backstrap
  • Lever lock keeps lever secured in place
  • Has blade front sights and adjustable buckhorn rear sight
  • Side loading gate for fast and easy loading of tubular magazine
  • High quality walnut straight stock and forend


The original Winchester 1876 model was the first big-game repeater, making it the hunting rifle of choice by America’s greatest outdoorsman, Teddy Roosevelt (shown at left with his engraved 1876 model).


Find out more about the various Uberti 1876 Centennial Rifle models along with their specs and configurations at the Uberti website. And don’t forget to check out the videos and other equally great rifles and single-action revolvers being offered on their website.



  1. Gentlemen I bought one for months ago in 1876 in 4560 I haven’t shot it yet I didn’t trigger job and put a tang side on also And some swivels

  2. I like to join that cowboy action shooting club but I don’t have the other equipment to join what must I do and how to get the other equipment like the 45 rifle do you 45 pistols are the 44 pistols I would love to join here’s my address and my numbers call me I would love to come to see why works out 1 33 Foster Street apartment 17 Cowpens South Carolina

    • Yes I would like to join but I do not know how to get the other guns that I need to where can you help me out finding them I would appreciate it very much thanks 😊

    • Check out the matches in your area and meet some of the local cowboys. I’m certain they will give you great advice. You can find the match listings at:

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