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Taylor’s & Co. Smoke Wagon .45 LC Deluxe Edition

The Taylor’s & Co. Smoke Wagon .45 LC Deluxe Edition is a second-generation single-action revolver. This stagecoach style six-shooter features a low profile hammer and wide front sights for faster target acquisition. Its case-hardened frame wears a blue finish and a checkered wood grip for better aim and a more comfortable handling. Both the standard and deluxe version of the Smoke Wagon carry these features.

Smoke Wagon .45 LC Deluxe Edition

The Smoke Wagon .45 LC Deluxe Edition also boasts a three-pound trigger pull, custom hammer and base pin springs, and custom tuning. It also includes wire bolt spring, jig-cut, and quick dependable action made possible by positive angles on all triggers and sears. If you are looking for a single action revolver with the slickest hammer and trigger pulls in the stores, then you should check out the Smoke Wagon.

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The various models of Taylor’s & Co. Smoke Wagon revolver come with the following features and specs:

  • Available in .357MAG,.44-40,.45LC
  • 3.5″,4.75″,5.5″ Round barrel length
  • 6 round capacity
  • Blue finish with case hardened frame
  • Hammer block safety
  • Single action
  • Checkered walnut grip
  • Low profile hammer
  • Custom tuning, custom hammer and base pin springs
  • Three-pound pull trigger spring
  • Jig-cut
  • Positive angles on trigger and sear
  • Wide fixed front sights
  • Rear frame notch
  • Manufactured by Uberti for Taylor’s & Co.
  • Taylor tuning available

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