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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Why Should You Join Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Sport?

The Exciting Benefits You Can Derive from Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Sport

The Cowboy Action Shooting gun sport is an exciting and fast-growing sport that’s gaining a lot of members and following in the United States as well as other countries. It can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Its members are affiliated to the Single Action Shooting Society® and other related organizations.

You Can Relive the Spirit of the Old West

cowboy action shooting rifle competition

Cowboy Action Shooting gun sport celebrates the spirit of the Old West and re-establishes a way of life that’s all but gone in today’s modern society. Some people refer to it as The Cowboy Way.

Many cowboy heroes of the Old West, whether in fiction or real life, showed us shining examples of how to be accountable for our own deeds, to be fair and honest, to treat others well, particularly women and old folks, and to do the right thing. They also showed us the proper and responsible way to handle firearms. This is what CAS is all about.

Cowboy Action Shooting is Fun and Exciting

Here are some of the reasons why so many people find CAS a fun and enjoyable sport.

  • You actually get to dress up in cowboy clothes. This is one of the major attractions of the sport, like playing a grownup version of Cowboys and Indians, with impressive costumes straight right out of a Hollywood western movie set.
  • You get to choose your character and alias. You are required to register a character name or alias when you become an active member of a Cowboy Action Shooting gun sport organization. You can be a western movie hero, a sheriff, a gambler, or a female gunslinger if you so choose. Be sure to dress up according to your choice of character.
  • You get to play out the part and shoot targets in a simulated western town. The shooting range or stage, as it is termed in CAS, appears more like a movie set of a 19th century western town than a typical gun range. There are building facades that resemble sheriff’s offices, saloons, stables, banks, and other structures. There are also steel targets that stand for villains as well as plywood outlines of hostages which could be moving or fixed.


Run Through Various Shooting Scenarios

cowboy action shooting pistol 1Cowboy Action Shooting scenarios are provided for a particular target-shooting sequence. The time starts when the participant shouts out his or her battle cry. They then have to hit 10 targets with a pistol, 5 targets with a rifle, and different targets using a shotgun. In other scripts, one or more firearms can be located in different areas of the “stage”, so the participant may need to fire a pistol from a bank window, run over to the saloon to find and fire a second pistol, head to the stable to pick up a rifle, and to another location to grab a shotgun. Placing ammo in another location can add to the excitement.

Apart from target-shooting, CAS also provides other fun opportunities for the entire family. You’ll find food, refreshments, cooking, entertainment, and an occasional salesperson selling interesting items.

So if you want to get involved in a new type of family fun, and learn more about responsible gun use and ownership, consider joining a Cowboy Action Shooting gun sport in your area.



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