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Cimarron Bisley Single Action Revolver .45 LC Model

The classic Colt Bisley single action revolver, introduced around 1895, got its name from its outstanding performances at the famous Bisley English shooting range. England’s Bisley Common shooting range held many renowned shooting matches in the late 19th century and is still actively in use today. Cimarron Firearms’ gunsmiths have created a precise replica of this classic gun in their Cimarron Bisley Single Action Revolver.

Cimarron Bisley Single Action Revolver.45 LC Model

The Bisley Special Target model of 1896 has some notable improvements over the classic 1873 Colt Peacemaker and the 1888 Flattop, Colt’s first target revolver. It has a 3/16-inch longer frame, a larger trigger guard, low hammer spur placement, and a radically distinctive grip angle (an original Colt Manufacturing Company design). Holstered, the revolver’s unique grip can’t be appreciated much. Once you aim it at a target, then you’ll understand the purpose of the Bisley’s uniquely curved grip. It actually allows you to easily retain your hand position in shot after shot.

Cimarron Bisley Single Action Revolver

The Bisley, however, was not only popular among sport shooters. It was also used by various breeds of adventurers, cowboys, and lawmen particularly in the American southwest and northern Mexico. It also became a favorite with Pancho Villa and Canadian train robber Bill Miner. All of the mentioned gunslingers preferred the Bisley because of its accuracy.

Calibers and Barrel Lengths

The Cimarron Bisley Single Action Revolver is available in different calibers and barrel lengths. It comes in standard blue finish. Apart from the.45 LC Model shown, the Bisley is also offered in .38 Special, 44 Special, .357 Magnum, and .44-40. Barrel lengths are available in 4 3/4-inch, 5 1/2 -inch, and 7 1/2-inch variations.

The video below puts the Bisley to the target test.

Video courtesy of BigDaddyHoffman1911 on YouTube.

Head on to the Cimarron Firearms website to get more info about their assortment of Bisley models, as well as other quality firearms and accessories.



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