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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

1875 Single-Action Army Outlaw, Frontier & Police Replicas by Uberti


Would a remarkable replica of a 1875 Single-Action Army Outlaw or a 1875 Single-Action Frontier make you a standout in competition? Maybe they can because these firearms are designed to win competition. Great shooting speed and accuracy on your part will be required though.

The hobby-sport of cowboy action shooting allows its members to relive, or at least re-enact the life and times of the Old West. Nearly every member of a cowboy action shooting chapter would like to get every aspect of their personality as close to the Old West period by being faithful to various considerations – from attire, guns, leather, and even down to their alias. Speaking of period revolvers and firearms, nothing gets more faithful in gun reproduction as Uberti.

1875 Single-Action Frontier revolver

1875 Single-Action Frontier

1875 Single-Action Army Outlaw revolver

1875 Single-Action Army Outlaw

Both the 1875 Single-Action Army Outlaw and the 1875 Single-Action Frontier are Uberti’s faithful replicas of Remington’s big-framed Army-style revolver introduced in 1875. Both single action reproductions retained Remington 1858 percussion models’ overall styling and solid frame. The reproductions are both available in .45 caliber, which was the favorite caliber of the infamous outlaw Frank James who always carried a Remington revolver.

The bottom blade on the 1875 Army Outlaw is known as a “sail” bodily represents the Remington 1858’s original percussion revolver. The 1890 Police’s styling embodies the original Colt, but without the bottom blade.

Another remarkable Uberti replica is the 1890 Police, available in both .45 Colt and .357 Magnum. It comes complete with a lanyard ring, just like the original 1890 Single-Action Police.


All Outlaw, Frontier and Police models come in:

  • Case-Hardened Frame
  • Full Nickel-Plated Steel
  • Blue Steel Frame
  • Steel Backstrap
  • Trigger Guard

The Outlaw is available in 7.5” barrel length, while Frontier and Police have 5.5” barrel length.

To read more about the Uberti 1875 Army Outlaw and 1875 Frontier including models, features, specs, videos, and nearest dealers, just head over to the Uberti USA website to get more information.

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