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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Cowboy Action Shooting Tips on Practicing (Video)

Posted by on Dec 24, 2017 in CAS Tips and Tactics, CAS Videos, Featured | 0 comments

In this featured video, World Cowboy Action Shooting champion Jim Finch a.k.a. Long Hunter offers valuable cowboy action shooting tips on...

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Improve Your Transition Speed in Cowboy Action Shooting

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in CAS Tips and Tactics, CAS Videos | 0 comments

Most of the matches won in cowboy action shooting are largely due to the skills that shooters have demonstrated in firearm transition. You...

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Target Shooting Improves Your Accuracy and Speed in CAS

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Blog, CAS Tips and Tactics | 0 comments

While Cowboy Action Shooting provides a great pastime and entertainment, it is equally a sport of shooting speed and accuracy set in...

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Cowboy Action Shooting Competition Tips

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Blog, CAS Tips and Tactics, Clubs & Matches | 0 comments

What Makes 95% of All Shooters Fail During Match Play?   Lever Action Rifle Tips   Keeping Your Energy and Stamina High   If you are into...

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How to Increase Your CAS Shooting Competition Speed

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Blog, CAS Tips and Tactics, CAS Videos, Clubs & Matches, Featured | 0 comments

Tips on the Basic Handling of Guns in CAS Shooting Competition Tips on How to Load, Pick Up and Put Down a Gun the Quickest Way...

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Shotgun Reloading Techniques from Jessie Abbate

Posted by on Mar 22, 2015 in Blog, CAS Tips and Tactics, CAS Videos, Clubs & Matches, Featured, Ladies of CAS | 0 comments

 High-Speed CAS Shooter Jessie Abbate aka Jasmine Jessie Demonstrates Superfast Shotgun Reloading Techniques           Sharing her rapid...

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