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Badmann Bob – 70-Year-Old CAS Gun Range World Champ

Can a 70-year old cowboy still kick some ass in the CAS gun range? Better believe it! If you say that Cowboy Action Shooting competition is not a sport for old men, then hang on to your Stetsons because you’re in for a big surprise.


Elder Statesman Bobb Mann

In last July’s SASS World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, Badmann Bob – whose real name is Bobb Mann – bagged the title of Elder Statesman, beating 40 other shooters 70 years old and over from all over the world. This 70-year old Exeter cowboy is not about ready to hang his hat.

You can catch more of Badmann Bob’s story in Stephanie Weldy’s article on the VisaliaTimes-Delta. Photos by Debi Mann.


CAS winner


Before being a CAS world champion, Mann’s path to winning was paved with a lifetime of shooting, starting when he was just a kid of 5. His passion for shooting led to dry fire target shooting sessions at home and countless cowboy action shooting gun range competitions across the state.


badmannbob2                            Photo credit: Debi Mann


And although he has made it to the top as a SASS Elder Statesman World Champion in the 70 and older division, Mann said he’ll just keep on shooting. “I just love doing it. it’s fun,” he said. “It’s a very fun sport, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. the poeple are great. It’s like brothers and sisters.

After over 30 years of working at Tulare County’s Weights and Measures, Mann has recently retired to devote more of his time to shooting.

Read more about Badmann Bob and the CAS gun range competition on the VisaliaTimes-Delta.





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