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Cowboy Action Shooting Ladies’ World Champion

In a rugged sport strongly dominated by men, women start to flex their trigger finger muscles to prove that that they can shoot just as well – or even better.

Karen Monez has been shooting in a time when it was rare for a girl to compete with men. She started her life-long love affair with shooting at the age of 14, mainly for “the social aspect of it”, she admitted. She had the desire to be the girl to be reckoned with.

Karen, also known by her cowboy action shooting alias of Squaw Creek Rose, is one of the reigning cowboy action shooting ladies‘ world champion aged 49 and over. For her shining achievement, Karen deservingly holds a spot in the Who is Who of Women Shooters of the 20th Century.

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karen monez

Photo credit: John Stankewitz


Karen, wife of John L. Chapman, bagged 97 national and world records while she was still a competitive shooter on the Army Reserve team for over two decades. Two of her records there remain unbeaten.

Karen Monez is responsible for training the next batches of cowboy action shooting ladies. She has been chosen by the National Rifle Association as Coach of the Year for Universities for 2007. She is the coach of the Texas Christian University Women’s Rifle Team since 2004.

“Shooting was a sport in which no one determined what I did but me. I liked to win.” – Karen Monez

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