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Cowboy Action Shooting’s Island Girl

Cowboy Action Shooting is not only a hobby/sport for the big boys; it attracts a lot of adventurous women as well. One of the famous ladies who has graced this exciting sport is Lhanie Acilo Dickson, also known in the circle as Island Girl SASS #2451.

Island Girl was born in the Philippine Islands, which was the source of her moniker. Her dreams of living in the United States came true and she was able to live with her family. She is presently living in North Carolina with her husband, Oklahoma Charlie.

Island Girl first had a taste of CAS action in 1991 when a friend brought her to watch a CAS match in California. She instantly got hooked and in a short time was able to acquire the skills needed to play the game.

In the YouTube video below uploaded by mgriffin1969, Island Girl shows her professional shooting skills as well as her great sense of humor.



Cowboy Action Shooting has taken Island Girl all over America where she had the opportunity to meet wonderful and exciting people.

Her skills and discipline made her a 5-time Lady Traditional world champion, 3-time End of Trail Lady Top Gun, and winner of various regional and national tournaments.

In 2006, the Single Action Shooting Society has inducted Island Girl to the SASS Hall of Fame. View her induction video here.

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