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Cowboy Hat History

cowboy hatThe cowboy hat, with its round brim and pinched crown, is perhaps the most recognizable item in western attire. It wasn’t always like this, however.

Cowboys wear broad-brimmed hats to protect their face and neck from sunburn in the summer. It also serves to keep the sun’s glare out of the eyes. The high crown is designed to keep the wearer’s head cool even in the hottest days.

Cowboy Hat History in a Nutshell

While the wide-brimmed hat has been used by nomadic Asian horsemen since the 13th century, it was John B. Stetson’s hat, referred to as “Boss of the Plains,” that became popular in the American west. The Stetson, which first came out in 1865, has become the cowboy’s iconic image.

The cowboy hat history is presented below on video from National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.


Throughout the years, the cowboy hat has gone through numerous changes in design to better fit the needs of its user. Its brim got curved upward on both sides so as not to hinder in roping cattle. The pinched crown allows the user more control.

Apart from its functionality, the cowboy hat has become a part of the today’s fashion scene. Movie personalities, musicians, politicians, and most everybody wear the cowboy hat as part of their attire. This only shows that this traditional symbol of the West has captured the hearts and heads of many Americans, not just cowgirls and cowboys.

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