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Fast Draw Champ Gil Guerra Jr, aka Cisko Master Gunfighter


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Fast draw champ Cisko Master Gunfighter, whose real name is Gil Guerra Jr., has always been passionate about speed and precision competitions in cowboy action shooting. In fact, he has been competing since he was 14 years old.

World record holder

Cisko has become 10 Time Fast Draw World Champion and winner of many other fast shooting titles. With over 40 years of fast draw competition experience tucked under his gun belt, Cisko never tires of the sport and continues to attend world class competitions.

Not surprisingly, a specialty Cisko has been highly noted for is his fast draw and pinpoint accuracy shooting. With all the trophies and recognition he has achieved over the years, nothing gives Cisko more pleasure than putting on a show for his worldwide fans.

The video below shows Cisko as he sets a new fast draw world record of shooting a target at 21 feet at .295 seconds.


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  1. If Cisko would like to meet Curt Blakemore, he was the man who trained Bob Monden and started the twist draw in fast draw please email me. Curt is now 85 now and still very healthy

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