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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Getting Started with Cowboy Action Shooting Clothing

Cowboy Action Shooting Clothing


The right Cowboy Action Shooting Clothing shouldn’t be a problem to newcomers in the sport. Some newly-registered members of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) attend their first day on the range feeling somewhat unsure if they’ve got their costume right for the event. But not to worry because no one will show you the door. There are no fashion police to harass you. The best thing is fellow shooters will understand what being a newbie to the sport feels like.

CAS clubs, even the strict ones, allow beginners 6 months to get their cowboy attire together. If you have some non-designer blue jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat, then you can get started. To get a better idea of what to wear, read the related article The Basics of Cowboy Action Shooting Costume.

Costume-wise, Cowboy Action Shooting is not an expensive sport like polo, yachting, or car racing, but you do have to buy some clothing and gears. For clothing, you can start out with an investment $70 or less. Or you can spend several hundred dollars. Your money, your choice.

What’s Allowed and What’s Not in Cowboy Action Shooting Clothing

While you are allowed to choose your own costume style, there are certain clothing that are outlawed in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Don’t enter the range wearing these:

  • Short-sleeved shirt
  • Designer jeans
  • Shady Bradys or modern feathered cowboy hats. Straw hats, as long as they are of traditional cowboy design such as Stetson or sombreros, are allowed.
  • All types of sports shoes or military boots regardless of material they are made of.
  • Ball caps
  • Modern shooting gloves

Cowboy Action Shooting Clothing Guide

Cowboy Action Shooting is a re-enactment of the glory days of the old West plus a taste of classic western movies. You can choose your costume style but all attire should conform to the old American West, a classic cowboy movie, or a TV western series.

You will notice a lot of CAS members create their own personas of 19th century gunslingers, lawmen, U.S. Army cavalry, trail cowboys, blacksmiths, bankers, prairie women, bar hall girls, cinema cowboys, American Indians, and other interesting characters of the old West.

Adopting a certain persona will pretty much give you an idea what costume to wear. After deciding on a persona, go online and do some research by reading up and looking at historical images of your chosen character. Find out what clothing you’ll need to create. If you need to buy things, you can find many commercial classic western clothing suppliers advertised online.

If you are the do-it-yourself sort of person, you can visit the thrift stores in your neighborhood. For example, you can remove the belt loops from slacks, sew on suspender buttons, and come up with a pair of Old West cowboy trousers. For ladies, change the hemline and sew in some lace on a formal satin or silk skirt, put on a feather boa, and you transform yourself into a saloon girl.

If you would prefer to shop conveniently online and be spared of driving from store to store, you can check out our Western Shop where you can choose from our fine line of cowboy action shooting clothing.

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  1. thrift stores/second hand places work great for me. I bought a nice clean $300.00 Boss of the Plains hat for $15.00. I’ve also found good suspenders, jeans that I removed loops added buttons, I got a over coat (Wyatt Earp style) for $2.00, look around dressing for match or dress up for banquet can be fun and inexpensive.

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