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Improve Your Transition Speed in Cowboy Action Shooting

cowboy action shooting participantMost of the matches won in cowboy action shooting are largely due to the skills that shooters have demonstrated in firearm transition. You don’t need to drive to the range to do this as it can be practiced at home. What’s more, there’s no need for you to spend on practice ammo.


Transition matters most in cowboy action shooting

In a cowboy action shooting competition, nothing matters most than how you transition from one firearm to another while shooting a stage. Actually, many shooters lose most of their time in transition than in five second penalty misses. If you sum up all the time you’ve spent in transitioning from your pistol to your rifle to your shotgun, you’ll find that you really spent more time transitioning from one firearm to another than actual shooting. For this reason, the best shooters in the sport spend more time practicing their transition skills more than anything else.

You won’t realize your winning potentials if you don’t submit yourself to practice. “Movement affects speed” is a principle that applies well in cowboy action shooting. If you can get by with minimal movement, your actions will be smoother, and you’ll be a lot faster. Work more on developing speed than accuracy.

The video below, produced by CowboyActionTown, shows some ways to improve your transition skill.


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