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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

A Lady Shooter Writes About Her Experience in Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting is not exclusively for the male folks. This hobby/sport is designed for the entire family, which means membership is open to women and even children (see CAS Basics). It is not unusual to find an entire family in a CAS event, all dressed up in traditional Old West attires.

More and more women are joining cowboy shooting competitions, wearing corsets, petticoats and bustle skirts, and firing mid to late 19th century pistols and rifles as they navigate through various shooting “scenarios”.

Cowboy Action Shooting lady

Bitten by the cowboy action shooting bug

One such lady who was bitten by the CAS bug is Tracy Garrett who, along with her husband, has joined the Single Action Shooting Society only recently. Tracy writes about her first shoot in her article Cowboy Action Shooting – So Much More Than Guns on her website

Here’s an excerpt from Miss Garrett’s article:

Cowboy Action Shooting isn’t just about the shooting. Participants must wear “cowboy” or old west style clothing–in my case, there are drawstring bloomers, a petticoat and a bustle under that skirt! And a chemise under the blouse. (At least I stayed warm when the rains started—mostly.) 

Cowboy action shooting lady in competition

CAS is not just about pistol and rifle shooting. Sharing the fun and excitement with loved ones, as well as sharing experiences with people of similar interest make up a large part of why CAS is attracting a growing number of people.


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