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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Leather Gun Holsters as Part of Your Cowboy Action Shooting Outfit

leather gun holsterWhile a complete period outfit is essential for you to live the part of and Old West gunslinger, perhaps no single piece of gear is more important than the leather gun holster. It’s understandable if others will argue that statement, but the gun holster carries the
fundamental component of this exciting shooting sport – the pistol. It just wouldn’t look right if everybody went walking around the events area with nothing to hold their guns.

Choosing Your Gun Holster

  • Leather gun holsters come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, so picking the right on for you can be a bit difficult. To cut through so many choices, you can narrow the field by considering how you would carry your weapon and what position. Also think about the type of clothing you’ll wear with your holster.
  • You can use the basic no-frills leather gun holster, or you can use the more elaborate custom-designed one. Whichever you choose to use, it applies some tension to the gun and holds it close to your body.
  • Leather holsters should have a stable design so that they move with your body and don’t flail around. Simply put, they become part of you. The holster should give excellent retention and cover so you can get at your weapon faster and with economy of movement.
  • Be sure that the leather gun holster you choose use only the necessary amount of material, with no excess bulk to encumber you. Pick a holster with high quality cowhide lining. It has less break-in time and provides a smoother draw.

If money is a consideration, there’s the durable yet inexpensive holster made of neoprene. They may not be the most impressive rigs you’ll find, but they get the job done until you can afford the better ones.

On the other hand, there are elegantly hand-crafted custom carved gun holsters made from the best quality leather that can really take a lot out of your CAS outfit budget. Don’t skimp on the high quality gear as it will pay for itself in those times when you rely on it most.

To cut your time searching for the right leather gun holster, browse below for our recommended gun holsters for cowboy action shooting. Click on the image to see more information.


leather gun holster tanleather gun holster 4leather gun holster brown

leather gun holster brown 2

leather gun holster 2leather gun holster blackleather gun holster 3

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Affiliate Disclosure
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