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Cowboy Action Shooting Tips on Practicing (Video)

In this featured video, World Cowboy Action Shooting champion Jim Finch a.k.a. Long Hunter offers valuable cowboy action shooting tips on practicing with rifles and revolvers. Here he puts emphasis on improving what you are uncomfortable with, NOT what you are already comfortable with and capable of doing well.

In this video produced by National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), World Champ Long Hunter discusses:

  •      Practicing drawing on your weak side
  •      Practicing lateral movements while shooting
  •      The specific practice routine Jim goes through, along with his mindset
  •      How and why he doesn’t stick to the conventional way of practicing
  •      How Jim develops confidence through practice
  •      He answers the often-asked question, “Jim, how do you practice?”

Jim offers his personal insights on practicing before a stage shooting. He talks about how he strives to improve his weak area. By constantly practicing what is uncomfortable to him, Jim is able to overcome the nervousness and tightness that go along at the beginning of a match game.

“Always practice what you’re uncomfortable with. Don’t practice what you’re comfortable with – because you’re already comfortable.”



Shooting Tips on Practicing

The video wraps up with Jim’s 4-points of shooting practice:

  •      Start and end practice with a perfect sight picture.
  •      To learn to shoot fast, you need to practice fast.
  •      Practice one shot drills with all guns.
  •      Use sights while dry firing.

Whether you’re a beginner in the sport or already in the advanced level in CAS, these cowboy action shooting tips from a world-class winner will help you get ahead in your game.

If you are just getting started in cowboy action shooting and want more information on the sport, go to How to Get Started in Cowboy Action Shooting. You can also browse around the CAS Store for attires and accessories that will enhance your cowboy action shooting experience.





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