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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Shotgun Reloading Techniques from Jessie Abbate

 High-Speed CAS Shooter Jessie Abbate aka Jasmine Jessie Demonstrates Superfast Shotgun Reloading Techniques






Sharing her rapid shotgun reloading techniques is Cowboy Action Shooting sport’s very talented Jessie Abbate, who carries the CAS alias of Jasmine Jessie. In this OutdoorChannel video in YouTube, Jessie demonstrates her rapid shotgun reloading skill to Tupelo Flash in a CAS 3-gun event.


Apart from the traditional over-the-top shotgun reloading techniques using her left hand, Jasmine Jessie also employs the unconventional and seldom seen “index load” and “pinky load” using her right hand.

Cowboy Action Shooting is not a for-men-only sport. In fact, it has attracted a growing number of women who enjoy not only the shooting part, but also the costume and alias-creating aspect of the sport. Not to mention being able to mingle and share their experience with persons of similar interests.

Rapid shotgun reloading techniques are just some of the competition skills you’ll acquire in cowboy action shooting. To know more about this fast-growing shooting sport, check out the CAS website at to get more information.




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