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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Overview


Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is the administrative body behind Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), a fun and exciting combination of costume event and shooting sport. SASS is also an international governing corporation for the promotion and preservation of the Cowboy Action Shooting sport.

Its other functions include:

  •     Standing up for the protection of the 2nd Amendment rights of its members
  •     Planning, organizing and holding End of Trail Cowboy Action Shooting World Championships
  •     Holding and supporting regional competitions by its various affiliated clubs, both locally and internationally
  •     Issuance of guidelines and regulations for the safe and consistent operation of CAS matches


Brief history of the Single Action Shooting Society


Cowboy Action Shooting first came into being in 1981 as the brainchild of Harper Creigh, a Soldier of Fortune shooter and devoted fan of action shooting matches. He would later be known by his CAS alias Judge Roy Bean (SASS #1). Harper and fellow shooters Gordon Davis and Bill Hahn would then often hold matches using traditional western guns.


Cowboy Action Shooting had its actual birth at a Coto de Caza shooting range in California. There were almost no rules to adhere to when the shooting buddies first started. Out of necessity and largely for safety, rules began to be implemented and followed. Before long, the shooting sport took shape into what it is today. A body was needed regulate and govern the sport. In 1987, the Single Action Shooting Society was established.


Single Action Shooting Society logoFrom its beginning, SASS has been owned and managed by what is known as the Wild Bunch. This group of individuals functions as the board of directors, regulatory body, and developer of the organization’s monthly publication, The Cowboy Chronicle.


The rules used to be set by the Wild Bunch but not anymore today. As part of its growth, SASS has given that responsibility to Territorial Governors who are elected each year by members of SASS affiliate clubs to represent their respective clubs. When they started a few years back, the Governors functioned only as board of advisers. Today, their unanimous vote can implement new rules and changes in the sport.


Benefits of SASS membership


There’s no better time to be a member of the Single Action Shooting Society. Besides being a part of a family of fun-loving people who want to preserve the spirit of the American old West, an SASS membership comes with wonderful perks as well.

  • Register your Alias and it’s yours as long as you stay an active member.
  • Shooting and recreational events nationwide exclusive for SASS members
  • Travel Benefits on Rental cars for SASS members. This includes coupons, discount and special deals from Hertz, Avis, National Rent-a-car, and Alamo
  • SASS Travel Lodging Benefits for Days Inn, Ramada, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, AmeriHost Inn, Villager, Wingate Inn, and Knight’s Inn.
  • SASS members have free enrollment on Prescription Discount Program
  • Monthly subscription to The Cowboy Chronicle, SASS’s digital publication
  • Quarterly copy of The Cowboy Chronicle paper magazine


Unique CAS Aliases and Dressing for the Part


All cowboy action shooting members are commonly involved in competition shooting as well as the preservation of old western traditions and history. One of SASS’s unique requirements is wearing of traditional cowboy costumes that lends a feeling of the Old West to the sport. Members need to come up with their own shooting alias that identifies with their chosen 19th century character. A character could be a real life figure, fictional or based on cowboy western film. Their costume is then based on that character.


The costuming aspect of cowboy action shooting has won more amusement from members than from the shooting part of the sport. Whatever area of CAS the members enjoy most, SASS sees to it that every event offers regular opportunities for like-minded people to get together and have fun.


How to Pick a Unique Alias


The alias you choose can be based on film, fiction, character or profession from the Old West. However, your chosen alias should not in any manner be the same with or easily mistaken for another member’s  cowboy name.

Read more details about creating an alias in Making Your Own Cowboy Action Shooting Alias.


Firearms of the Old West


Firearms that were distinctive of the 19th century West are naturally prescribed by Single Action Shooting Society for the sport. Single action revolvers, lever action rifles, and old fashioned shotguns are always part of the event, whether for costuming or competitive shooting.


Clubs and Matches in Cowboy Action Shooting


Single Action Shooting Society scenarioShooting matches are held in an Old West style atmosphere. The shooters compete for prestige and are timed for speed and accuracy on varying courses of shooting stages or scenarios. Each shooting stage presents different situations, usually lifted from films or real events. Shooters must show off their shooting skills against steel targets presented in every scenario.


Know more about the Targets and Stands you need in cowboy action shooting.


CAS Code of Conduct and Spirit of the Game


Cowboy action shooting aims to rekindle in its members the Spirit of the Old West and its honorable code of conduct, The Cowboy Way. As CAS has evolved through the years, the members have learned to adopt an attitude when participating in competition. This means giving your all in what the sport requires. You attend dressed in your best costume and equipped with the proper competition firearms, and walk in the Cowboy Way. This is known as “The Spirit of the Game.”


Today, the Single Action Shooting Society has more than 100,000 members all over the United States and in 18 other countries. With over 700 affiliated clubs, SASS encourages and supports regional matches and sends out regulations and procedures so safety in CAS matches is assured.


If you’ve just heard of SASS and CAS and if you want to know more, Cowboy Action Shooting offers a wealth of information and exciting articles that will familiarize you to the sport. The site also has a Western Shop for things, from clothing to books, that you will need to get started in cowboy action shooting.































  1. I was an member many years ago. Is there a club or affiliate near me I live in Saint Joseph, Mo. Also do you have events for us senior citizens I am 77 years old. Also where and when will you have an event in Missouri or Kansas I would like to try and attend.

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