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Cowboy Action Shooting Kid Champ vs. SMG in Showdown

A Speed and Accuracy Showdown between a Lever-Action Western Rifle and a MAC 10 Submachinegun.


It’s a Cowboy Action Shooting Jaw-Dropper!



He’s too young to own a gun but he has already acquired some of the highest honors in Cowboy Action Shooting championships in the country. He is 16-year old Dylan Holsey who carries a CAS alias of Matt Black.

He has been shooting since he was five and the youngest to compete in CAS matches. At 13 years old, he became the National Champion in Speed Pistol overall. Dylan is 2nd overall by rank and World Champion overall by time. In 2015, he’s the overall National and Overall World Champion.

Dylan’s shooting speed impressed the guys at Discovery’s reality TV series “American Guns” that they want to see it for themselves.

To test his shooting skills, Dylan must beat one of the show’s gunsmith in a target shooting showdown. The gunsmith will use a fully automatic MAC-10 machine gun while Dylan will use his trustworthy lever-action.

Click on the image to watch the amazing showdown video at Guns&



If you want to know more about Dylan Holsey, please click on this link.




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