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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Young Gun Dylan Holsey aka Matt Black

Fox News features Cowboy Action Shooting  Champ Dylan Holsey aka Matt Black





If you think you’re a darn hot shooter who can hit targets at a hundred yards, then you got a great thing going there. That’s what you get with dozens or more years of cowboy action shooting experience.

After seeing this video from Colt Faro’s YouTube channel, however, you will want to pick up your jaw from the ground and consider adding more years of experience under your belt.



The young gun is Dylan Holsey aka Matt Black (formerly Rattlesnake Wrangler) and, at 16 years of age, he’s one of the youngest and fastest CAS pistol shooters in the country. Heck, he’s not even allowed to own a gun at his age but he has already won multiple Annual, State, Regional, National and World titles. In 2012, Dylan became the Speed Pistol overall National Champion and was third overall in the country. Currently, he’s the 2015 overall National and Overall World Champion.

Dylan has been into shooting ever since he can hold a pistol. In fact, he was the youngest person in the world to compete in cowboy action shooting matches. wants to pay tribute to the young members of the CAS community and will feature more of them in future posts via our Young Guns series.

If you like to see more of Dylan’s amazing shooting skill, please click on this link.





  1. He’s the current 2015 overall National and Overall World Champion now at 16 years old. He changes his alias 3 years ago to Matt Black.

    • Thank you for the update>

  2. Now he is a 4 time Overall World Champion

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