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Nicole Franks-BC Canada’s World Fastdraw Champ


You won’t believe Nicole Franks is a gunslinger until you watch her shoot. This lady World Fastdraw Champion hails from Langley, British Columbia, Canada and she has been in competition since age 11. Since then, it has been one victory after another for her.

Recalling how she got into the sport, Nicole writes in her personal blog:

“I never had shot a gun in my life and entered in a contest in Alberta. The main reason that made me want to shoot was the fact that I would travel all this way just to sit and watch, and it was really boring for an 11 year old girl. I borrowed a pair of cowboy boots and jeans, I put on a holster for my first time, shot my first shot, at my first contest, all in one day. I came in dead last, but it was a lot of fun.“



Pre-teen Champ

Nicole won her first contest when she was 12 years old. Her string of fastdraw victories came when she was 14, competing in The World Fastdraw Association.

“I remember thinking after that day, just out of the blue, imagining if I won everything, how boring it would be. Although I have won many titles, NO it is Never Boring, and NO it’s Never Easy.”

Her personal website,, posts the amazing records that Nicole currently holds.

fastdraw champ nicoleCurrent Standings:

10 World Championships
6 time All around World Champion
14 Chairman Championships

I have 35 World Records. I set 21 World Records at the age of 14. In 2006 I set another 13 World Records. My fastest World Record is also the fastest traditional record ever shot by a woman with a .263.


Know more about Nicole Franks and her sport at her website at

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