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How to Increase Your CAS Shooting Competition Speed

  • Tips on the Basic Handling of Guns in CAS Shooting Competition

  • Tips on How to Load, Pick Up and Put Down a Gun the Quickest Way

  • Introduction to Timers


In any CAS pistol and rifle shooting competition, perhaps the biggest factor to put you in the winners’ circle is developing fast loading and firing speed. To achieve this, a shooter must constantly work on honing skills that will enable them to shoot fast and accurately like it’s second nature.

In this  YouTube video posted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, World Champion Cowboy Action Shooter Jim “Long Hunter” Finch shares some valuable tips that can increase your CAS competition shooting speed. The clip is excerpted from his DVD entitled “One on One with Long Hunter”.



Apart from Long Hunter, the sport of cowboy action shooting has spawned several  competition shooting champions who are known for their amazing speed and accuracy. They include legendary shooters as Lead Dispencer, Dylan Holsey and Island Girl. To know more about them, visit




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  1. Astonishingly safe for a sport with real guns and live ammo.


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