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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

Single Action Shooting: Recreational Sport and Stress Reliever

single action shootersSingle action shooting, more popularly known as cowboy action shooting (CAS), has become very popular due to its fun yet competitive sport aspect for the entire family. It is done in a near authentic lifestyle and atmosphere of the Old West. People you meet there will be wearing 19th century cowboy outfit and even have their own western names or aliases. The hobby sport relives an old way of life that’s no longer a part of today’s society. It is known as The Cowboy Way.


In both real life and fiction, many Old West cowboy heroes became exceptional models of accountability for one’s action. They were just, reliable and are respectful to others, especially women and elderly people. They taught us to be proficient and, at the same time, responsible when handling firearms. In a way, that is what cowboy action shooting is all about.


Single action target shooting scenarios


In a simulated western town or “stage” in CAS terms, the participants are required to run through different scenarios as they shoot targets in sequence. Each stage looks more like a Hollywood western movie set than a shooting range. The stages are actually building facades built to appear like banks, saloons, barns, stables, sheriff’s office, and other 19th century western structures. There are variously-shaped steel targets that represent villains and other evildoers. There are also other targets that stand for hostages which are either fixed or moving.


A battle cry will be given to the participant which they will shout out. This will signal the start time for the event. The shooters need to hit 10 targets with a single action revolver, 5 targets with a rifle, and various other targets with a shotgun.


cowboy single action shooting competitionA script variations involve one or more firearms placed in different areas of the “stage.” In this script, the participant may be required to fire a revolver from a barn window and rush over to the bank to fire a second revolver they’ll find there. They will then run to the next location to grab a rifle, and on to another location to find and fire a shotgun. To create the feeling of urgency and add to the excitement, ammo for the firearms can be placed in another location.


CAS as a recreational shooting sport and stress reliever


Single action shooting can be done in several ways:


  •    Competing for speed
  •    Shooting for accuracy
  •    Firing away at inanimate objects for recreation and stress relief


All of these types of recreational shooting enable Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) members to blow off some steam. Member families and friends can get together and put up some targets to blast away – bottles, cans, fruits, vegetables, and water-filled milk jugs – just for the sheer fun of it.


CAS members adhere to the SASS rules and regulations of firearm safety, whether in or out of the shooting range. They are aware that guns are not playthings and should be handled with care and respect. They know that firearms should be kept out of the wrong hands and out of reach of children. Once a new member is familiar with correct discipline, etiquette, and responsible gun ownership, then they can be allowed to participate in shooting competitions.


Why sign up?


Single action shooting can be a fun-filled (but somewhat expensive) hobby sport to take up. However, here are several reasons why so many people sign up to join this enjoyable and exciting sport:


  • Apart from target-shooting matches, cowboy action shooting also offers other fun opportunities for every member of the family.  With a lot of cooking. there’ll be great food and refreshments for everyone. Expect to find lively activities, and one or two vendors selling souvenirs and other interesting cowboy stuff.


  • Young and old can realize their fantasy of dressing up in real cowboy fashion. One of the leading come-ons of the sport, even adults get to play a grownup version of Cowboys and Indians. And this in complete costume, real guns, and amidst a 19th-century western movie backdrop.


  • Members can pick their favorite Wild West character, right down to their own alias. Members are required to register their own alias or character name once they’ve become an active member of SASS. You can be the western hero or anti-hero according to your liking. Just be sure to dress up in the manner of the character you choose.


Stress relief, quality time with friends and family, great recreation, and other fun benefits – these are the things that single action shooting offers. If you want to engage in a new kind of family fun, and learn more about responsible gun ownership to boot, then you may want to consider signing up to the nearest SASS office in your locality.





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