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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

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Enter the fun and exciting world of Cowboy Action Shooting




This website aims to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information for just about everything you need to know about the fun and fast-growing shooting sport of Cowboy Action Shooting that’s gaining a lot of members and following not only in America but all over the world.

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This website was created to showcase the various aspects of cowboy shooting, the rules of the sport, and its aim to rekindle the Spirit of the Old West and its honorable code of conduct, The Cowboy Way.

For those who just heard about the sport and are interested to know more, this website offers a wealth of articles and information which include topics on:

  • and a lot of other information and news about Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS).


cowboy action shooting pistolsIf you are looking for anything regarding cowboy sports shooting, from cowboy-style costumes and leather holsters, gun carts to hearing protection, to gun safety and responsible firearm ownership, this website’s got it all covered for you. And we’ll show you how and where to find them without costing you an arm and a leg.


We aim to do all the heavy work of information-gathering on Cowboy Action Shooting -SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.



So instead of just watching new moon vampires or shooting zombies on your PC’s, dust off your cowboy hats and get involved in the real thing. Cowboy Action Shooting is a sport that also allows women and children to participate, so you can enjoy it with the entire family.

You can find everything you need to get started on right here, from signing up, local shooting events, to training tips. We’ll even provide you a listing of every SASS-accredited Cowboy Action Shooting organizations in your locality so you don’t have to go running around looking for them.


  1. I’m interested in Cowboy Action Shooting or SASS. I live in Dothan, Alabama, down in the southeastern corner of the state. Can you direct me to someone in my area?


  2. Desperado Cowboy Bullets (DCB) is the first bullet company since around 1953 to be dedicated exclusively to the production of soft cast bullets. The design of these soft lead bullets follows very closely the shape and dimensions of the authentic soft lead bullets of the Old West, including the crimp groove and the flat or plain based design for better accuracy and gas sealing. DCB has researched the needs of Cowboy Action Shooting and the SASS rules to determine a design and alloy that will provide a safe, ricochet free cowboy action shooting environment. The Cowboy Action soft lead bullets produced by DCB have proven to greatly diminish the fragmentation and shrapnel normally associated with harder alloy lead. In addition, the soft cast plain or flat based bullets contribute to better gas sealing and reduced leading and fouling in the bore. DCB is convinced these soft cast (8-9 Brinnel), plain based Cowboy Action lead bullets will increase accuracy and improve scores for any active and competitive shooter using low and standard velocity loads. The company is dedicated to producing cast bullets only for Cowboy Action Shooting and Old West applications. Consequently, all of their bullets are cast using soft lead, and the plain base (authentic) design. The lubricant used for the final product is compatible with either Black Powder or Smokeless powder loadings. Also offered, as a special order, are plain based soft cast bullets in the “as cast” condition for the specialist who prefers their own lube and sizings. DCB believes it has the bullet for Cowboy Action Shooting. DCB is the only company currently providing commercially priced soft alloy lead cast bullets with flat-based and soft lube exclusively for the applications of Cowboy Action Shooting. All of their product employs the soft cast lead and plain or flat based bullet design which most authentically follows the product of the Old West. This means soft flat based lead bullets for Black Powder shooters as well. Try them and you will amaze yourself.

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