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CAS Match: How to Pick Your Category Before Joining One

CAS match firearmsThe Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) makes the CAS match fair by prescribing generally similar guns for every member. Shooters are placed in their respective categories according to their age, gender, and shooting style.


The Cowboy and Cowgirl categories, which cover almost all of the adult membership, is participated in by most competitors. Older competitors can select categories that are only available to shooters past a certain age bracket. They can also choose to compete under the Cowboy or Cowgirl category.


Under shooting style, majority of the contenders will shoot with both hands on a pistol. Since this is cowboy action shooting, there are different shooting styles that competitors can adopt.


Duelist – This style allows you to cock and shoot with only one hand, unsupported.

Double Duelist – In this two-gun category, there is a pistol for each hand. It involves shooting a pistol cocked and fired with one hand. One gun fires as the other one is holstered.

Gunfighter – In this category, both guns are drawn simultaneously and fired alternately.


YouTube Video: ExpertVillage

In a local CAS match, you will generally start out with only a few categories to choose from. Don’t worry if you’re new to the sport. Someone is bound to help you sort out the right category for you. Whether you are there to shoot or just be in your Old West costume, there is surely a category for you, whatever your age or gender.


How to find a CAS match


Finding a local CAS club should be no big problem. Whether you’re a SASS member or not, you can always go to their website to search for a club in your vicinity. When you find a local club, you can visit their website and contact them through email. You’ll be able to find out the location and dates of their regular matches. You will also know if there are available clinics for new shooters and other information that you could use.


It’s best to watch one or two single action shooting competitions before you decide to join a local match. This is to get you familiarized with the rules and equipment of the sport. The various gears and Old West firearms could get a bit confusing particularly to newcomers and inexperienced shooters who are still trying to get the hang of the game.


CAS match stageOne good reason to watch a CAS match before joining to compete is that you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge from long-time members and experienced shooters. They will be more than glad to help introduce you to the sport and help you get ready for your first competition. See if you can hang around all day at the event; some members might let you use their own firearms. Heck, you might even be able to snag a chance to shoot on a real stage if you’re lucky enough. If there are no matches available in your area for you to watch, you can view some CAS match videos to give you an idea what to expect.




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