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Relive Old West Gunplay and Period Dress, with Your Own Cowboy Alias

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Welcome to Cowboy Action

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in CAS Basics, Featured | 0 comments

Howdy and Welcome to Cowboy Action Enter the fun and exciting world of Cowboy Action Shooting       This website aims to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information for...

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1873 “Callahan” Cattleman Press Release

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Guns & Ammo | 0 comments

1873 “Callahan” Cattleman ACCOKEEK, MD (January 19, 2010) – Uberti is pleased to introduce the “Callahan”—a six-shooter that, in the hands of a lawman, might have made the mean streets of 1800s Dodge City, Kansas...

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Improve Your Transition Speed in Cowboy Action Shooting

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in CAS Tips and Tactics, CAS Videos | 0 comments

Most of the matches won in cowboy action shooting are largely due to the...

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Gun Safety in Cowboy Action Shooting

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016 in Blog, Featured | 0 comments

Gun safety alert: cowboy action shooting uses live guns! Read that again:...

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The Most-Preferred Single Action Revolvers in Cowboy Action Shooting

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in Featured, Guns & Ammo | 0 comments

  If you like shooting competitions, then you need to check out that...

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Leather Gun Holsters as Part of Your Cowboy Action Shooting Outfit

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in Blog, CAS Basics, Cowboy Clothes | 0 comments

While a complete period outfit is essential for you to live the part of and...

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Target Shooting Improves Your Accuracy and Speed in CAS

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Blog, CAS Tips and Tactics | 0 comments

While Cowboy Action Shooting provides a great pastime and entertainment, it is...

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Spencer Hoglund AKA Lead Dispencer Demonstrates Speed and Accuracy

Posted by on Aug 8, 2015 in Blog, CAS Videos | 0 comments

The fascinating sport of Cowboy Action Shooting has produced several players...

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